Storage Area Networks Course - 2 Days  
  Storage Area Networks (SANs) have become one of the hottest topics in the data storage industry. This seminar introduces the Storage Area Network and examines how Fibre Channel has redefined the storage environment. Beginning with a look at storage attachment architectures, this two-day seminar continues with a look at the applications driving SAN adoption and wraps up with an introduction to the Fibre Channel technology that makes SANs possible.
Storage Architectures and Applications
Direct Attach Storage (DAS)
What is DAS?
DAS Basics
DAS Business Needs
DAS Components and Configurations
DAS Protocols
DAS Advantages and/Disadvantages
Network Attach Storage (NAS)
What is NAS?
NAS Basics
NAS Business Needs
NAS Components and Configurations
NAS Protocols
NAS Advantages and Disadvantages
Storage Area Networks (SAN)
What is SAN?
SAN Basics
SAN Business Needs
SAN Components and Configurations
SAN Protocols
SAN Advantages and Disadvantages
SAN Applications
Storage Consolidation
Backup and Restore
Disaster Recovery
Storage Outsourcing
Fibre Channel Overview
What is Fibre Channel?
 Nodes, node ports, and Links
Fibre Channel Standards and Structure
FC-0: Physical Interface
 GBICs, SFPs, GLMs, and MIAs
 Fiber Optic Links
 Electrical Links
FC-1: Encoding and Decoding
 8B/10B Encoding
 Ordered Sets
 Port State Machine
FC-2: Framing Protocol
 Session Management
 Exchange Management
 Sequence Management
 Frame Structure
 Link Control Frames
 Flow Control
 Classes of Service
Link Services
Fibre Channel Topologies
 Arbitrated Loop
 Switched Fabric
Who Should Attend: This seminar provides a basic introduction to the concepts, terminology, and types of products associated with Storage Area Networks implemented using the Fibre Channel technology. It is directed towards developers, integrators, managers, marketing personnel, technical writers and others who may be new to the realm of Storage Area Networks.
Note: For a more comprehensive examination of the details of the Fibre Channel technology, please refer to our Fibre Channel Technology seminars.
Prerequisites: An understanding of computing and data storage concepts as well as current computer interfaces or networks is useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Course Length:

2 days

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